From home page, beside Open Sales Invoice, you can also open:

  • Sales Quote
  • Open Purchase Invoice
  • Unpaid Sales Invoice
  • Unpaid Purchase Invoice
  • Overdue Sales Invoice
  • Overdue Purchase Invoice

All of these documents are the similar. From Sales Quote, you can create Sales Invoice (Make Invoice command), as Sales Order in standard NAV. Unpaid Sales Invoice, Unpaid Purchase Invoice, Overdue Sales Invoice and Overdue Purchase Invoice are the posted documents in different paid status. As posted documents, these are uneditable documents as NAV standard.

You can use Navigate function form these posted documents, as well. When you look at Navigate page, you can see standard NAV entry tables. In this way, you can see that all posting are the same as standard NAV, bit you only use simple pages.

On home page, you have charts as KPI’s.

You can choose some of next predefined charts:

  • Cash Cycle
  • Cash Flow
  • Income & Expense
  • Aged Accounts Receivable
  • Aged Accounts Payable
  • Top Ten Customers by Sales Value
  • Aged Inventory
  • Sales Trends by Customer Groups

Also, you can see Mini Trial Balance with three different periods. Mini Trial Balance is colored with dynamic colors (red for negative income and black for positive). This Mini Trial Balance is in fact one of the Account Schedule. You can find this and modify if you want, with name I_MINTRIAL (Data for Reduced Trial Balance Info Part).

On home page, you can find many other features, but I will explain the in next posts.