In my previous posts about using different Replenishment Systems in Inventory Planning, I described specifics of Purchase and Prod. Order types. Now, I will explain Assembly type.

Specifies which default order flow is used to supply this assembly item. The following options are available, but this field with next types are only available when the Replenishment System field is set to Assembly:

  • Assemble-to-Stock
  • Assemble-to-Order


Assembly orders for the item are created as supply orders that are intended for inventory. They are either created manually, such as to build kits for a seasonal campaign, or automatically through the planning system to supply for demand or according to inventory replenishment.

Although it is not the default order flow, you can have an assemble-to-stock item assembled directly to a sales order, such as to combine the quantity with assemble-to-order quantities that are already on the sales order line.


Assembly orders for the item are created in response to a sales order line and are linked so that the order processor can customize the assembly components and resources from the sales order.

By default, the linked assembly order is created for the full sales line quantity because it is assumed that all the items must be assembled. However, you can change the quantity to assemble, such as when you know that some items are already available, by decreasing or increasing the value in the Qty. to Assemble to Order field on the sales order line.