A few weeks ago, a very good friend sent me a message: "Arrived in Happy Station". A smile came on my face, because I just knew this was very good news .. not only for him .. but also for NAV..

It's about my good friend Kurt Juvyns.

I really started to know Kurt in the early days of the Belgian Dynamics Community back in 2008. We were brainstorming what we could do for the Belgian NAV people .. and he was the one that had the nerves to aim high - and motivated us that we can do it. So we did.. :-).

I once described him as "A community person in "heart and kidneys" " in one of my blogs. And I really mean that. He's a tireless, organized, ... NAV enthusiastic / evangelist .. and it has always been a joy to work with him (probably because he did most of the work ;°) ).

In Belgium, his role was PTA (Partner Technology Advisor). For many partners, he had to do presentations about the vision of Microsoft, or product demo's of NAV 2009, or.. . We did some presentations together, and I really enjoyed those. I remember the one for the Belgian Dynamics Community, where we went may be a little too far in "nagging" on each other during the session .. but hey, it was fun! :-)

Are there no "dirty details"?

Well, actually there aren't, damnit. I wouldn't hold them from you, but there really are none I could think of :(. May be one more thing to mention is his passion for photography. You can see his pictures on his website: http://www.kuju.be/ . Nice, isn't it? ;°)

So, dude, why the story?

Well, Kurt has moved up to quite an interesting position at Microsoft. He's not working for Belgium anymore, but from today, he's working directly for the people at Vedbaek as a Senior Product Manager NAV, reporting to Paul White, Senior Director ERP Product Management Volume. What this means in a more concrete way .. I don't know (yet), but I'm sure we'll hear a lot of him in the near future. He's fully back at Dynamics NAV, said goodbye to AX .. and is working at the core! As you might have gotten from above .. I'm convinced that's a good thing.

Good luck, Kurt!