You already know that Belgium is part of the “Update Rollups Group”: the countries that actually get a CU every month :-). This is good .. This is REALLY good!

And it’s getting better…

Now, Belgium (and a few other countries) are also part of the Localisation Portal. This is the portal I blogged about here. At the time of that blogpost, there were just a limited amount of countries available. But now, it really seems finished. You can find localization information of these countries:

  • Australia
  • ​Austria
  • ​Belgium
  • ​Canada
  • ​Czech Republic
  • ​Denmark
  • ​Finland
  • ​France
  • ​Germany
  • ​Iceland
  • ​India
  • ​Italy
  • ​Mexico
  • ​Netherlands
  • ​New Zealand
  • ​Norway
  • ​Russian Federation
  • ​Spain
  • ​Sweden
  • ​Switzerland
  • ​United Kingdom
  • ​United States
  • ​W1

Quite complete, if you ask me :-).

But that isn’t the main topic of this blog…

A “new feature” has been introduced since Rollup 7: “Manual VAT Corrections”. I admit, that was quite sarcastic. It’s not new. It was actually removed from the localization in NAV2013 .. .

When you live in Belgium, you realize this is just not .. uhm .. good. Though it’s not really a “legal” thing, it’s just a very necessary thing ;-).

It’s back! It’s back because we wanted it back! And it’s supported by Microsoft.

Have a nice (long) weekend!