Question: What’s New?
Answer: What’s New!


Since April 15th, there is a new section on the Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP), called “What’s New“:

It gives you access to a numerous topics on different media (blogs, video’s, …) regarding all new stuff that was added in the latest version, categorized by three pillars (same as I mentioned here):

  1. Quick to Implement
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Power to Support

Be sure to check it out! Here is the URL:

It’s obvious to say, but the DLP is much more then just a “What’s New” site. It’s THE place to be to find anything to learn NAV. I mean, you can find:

  • Courses about different functional topics on NAV
  • Course Resources – the actual MOC’s
  • How-to video’s
  • Workshops
  • A Calendar with all the planned events about the product


Ps, the access to DLP depends on which Support Plan you have. If you’re not able to access some parts of DLP, please advice your Microsoft Sub!