We are glad that it is happened!

Awara IT is worried about fate of Business Central in Russia and ready to help to improve and develop this product.

We have obsessed and  competence team who is ready to share knowledges and make Business Central more popular and available for users.

Last three month we posted bugs existed in different NAV version and as heritage in Business Central. Microsoft people reacted and now we have CU8 for BC.

Thanks Alexey Finogenov and Jérome Lefevre for help!


Also this month Microsoft published Russian localization for Business Central, Awara IT worked on this description several month and now we have it! Later this month description will be available in Russian. You can find in documentation not only standard objects description from previous NAV versions, some Russian processes and how to use specific documents were described.

Thanks Eva Dupont and Andrey Panko to make this happen! 


Thank you very much Awara IT team for accumulating this experience and especially Alia Salikhova and Diana Malina for great work to contribute this knowledges!