When company starts to use NAV as accounting system one of the first questions how to make payments.

When we want to save time we don’t want to do work several times. Moreover, accountants want to avoid create payment two times in accounting system and Bank system.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has predefined Bank integration what will help to save time.

Usually in Russia users type orders in bank system via the WEB Portal of the bank and prefer to import Bank statement to accounting system. But anyway it is possible to use import bank statements to NAV and export payment also.

It is necessary to specify Import format and Export for Bank card:

It is necessary to have:
- Bank Export/Import Setup

- Data Exchange Definition

Predefined Data Exchange Definitions in "1C" format and Bank Export/Import Setup you can find in CRONUS.  Usualy all banks in Russia support these formats. You can easily to export and import format to your company.

After setup functionality, you can use function Import bank statement in Bank Acc. Reconciliation and Payment Reconciliation Journal.

To identify payment direction and  Vendors, Customes, system checks: VAT number and KPP for

- Company Information
- Vendor
- Customer

Bank account number:
- Bank account

- Customer Bank information

- Vendor Bank information

In Russian localization it is possible to create details for GL accounts for other expenses payments. System also checks this table to idetify payment.

To create payment in NAV and export to Bank system it is necessary to create payments frist, you can use Payment Journal:

-          Suggest Vendor Payments

-          Export Payments to File.