image I woke up this morning and checked my to-do list for today. Business, business, business, and some more business. And yet it seems that my to-do list never goes blank, a couple of customers or projects are always in the backlog. I don’t know why exactly, but after opening the browser I typed the address of my blog—something I didn’t do for a long time—and I was stunned.

Almost three months since my last post. The oldest post on my blog’s home page is four months old and counting. I could remember times when a post couldn’t survive four days on my home page. My blog wasn’t dormant, it seemed downright dead.

Was it a lack of topics to blog about that killed it? No, absolutely not. I have always been maintaining a to-do list of topics, and it’s still big enough to keep me busy for months. Was it a lack of inspiration? Hmm, might have been, but I did wrote a lot of stuff, so it wasn’t a "writer’s block”. It was just one simple ingredient that I felt I ran out of. Time.

One of the things I did a lot over the past four months was teaching Sure Step. I’ve delivered many many of courses all over Europe, and every time I do it, every time an interesting debate springs among participants about a specific Sure Step topic, I think to myself: “I should blog this!”

Last week I delivered two courses, one in Reykjavik, Iceland, and one in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I met many great people with a lot experience to share, and after the course I just started taking notes about most controversial features of Sure Step, with an intent to blog about them and build a knowledge base I can share. Earlier, I often said at my courses: you have my thoughts on this topic on my blog. Nowadays, I keep my mouth shut, because with a dead blog under my belt, I don’t feel excited talking about it. I killed it, after all.

The farther I go, the more I miss blogging, and the more topics there are that I see I should have covered already—and I would have them covered if only I took time to attack my to-do list way earlier. There was plenty of content to blog about, the only thing that seemed to lack was time. And this morning I decided there is enough time. Back in days when I blogged actively I didn’t have any less time than I do now, and yet I managed to squeeze a half-an-hour per day to share my thoughts. Even if I really don’t have time, I decided I’d steal some. It’s still legal.

So here I am again, armed with all the determination I can get, and with a growing to-do list of topics to blog about, and I hope, I just hope this time, that I win over my apparent, but imaginary, lack of time.

So off I am now, to blog my first Sure Step topic after a long absence—the Fit Gap.

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