imageCan you believe it? I can’t. Almost. Two years ago I started this blog as a hobby, and I myself didn’t believe it would work out. It was months before the first reader appeared, but then it kind of just happened. Blogging was fun. It was tough. It was thought provoking for myself, because as I blogged I often found myself change my mind about stuff, and adopt new ideas or abandon old ones more quickly then I normally would.

I started this year rather ambitiously: with a commitment to blog twice a week. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find out I haven’t been quite committed to that in the past two weeks. As a matter of fact, for the time being I’ll have to take it a little bit more easy. My work schedule has stopped being my friend a while ago, and I decided I’d put my private life before this blog. I hope you don’t mind.

I won’t stop blogging, and I’d appreciate if you didn’t stop coming back from time to time to check out what’s new. It’s just that I’ll have to rollback my commitment from the beginning of this year, and fallback to my previous irregular blogging schedule. Work and private life permitting, there will be something useful here, probably twice a month, possibly more, and I’m really glad you are now tapping my shoulder saying: “don’t worry pal, I understand!”

See you around, let’s navigate together into another two years of this blog.

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