Ho, ho, ho … well, X-Mas is coming soon, time to make a wish-list! In my special case I would like to ask for several things making life with NAV and SQL easier. I'm not asking for "science fiction" features like "non-blocking posting routines" or "different code versions for C/SIDE and SQL"; but small (?) and smart enhancements.

Hope someone northern from here (not necessarily Santa C. from North Pole, someone from Vedbaek would be OK ;c) ) takes care about it …

  1. I want to have full access to all fields from system-table 2000000063 "Key". Especially to the field "SQL Index". And I would like to have access to the "SIFTLevels", too, so that I could define all via C/AL Code.
  2. I want new properties for "Tables" and "Keys" where I could define the SQL Server site "File-Group" where I want to store them.
  3. I want a new C/AL command like "SETINDEX", specifying if I would hint a specific index; not using the "$ndo$dbconfig" thing.
  4. I want a new C/AL command like "SETRECOMPILE" to specify if I would like to force the OPTION(RECOMPILE) for a query; not using the "$ndo$dbconfig" thing.
  5. I want an official list about all available NAV releases, service packs and updates (see Waldo's BLOG for reference).

And all should be neatly wrapped in a package labeled "MS Dynamics NAV 4.00 SP4". Probably that's just a start; to be continued …

What would you wish? Please add!