We all know that we can remove the Departments button from NAV Window Client (RTC). This subject was discussed many times on other blogs.

Here is an excellent post that describes this topic: https://saurav-nav.blogspot.fr/2013/04/configuring-profile-in-role-tailored.html

But, what if you need to restore the Departments button? The answer you can get on internet is: Go to configuration mode and restore the profile to default. Unfortunately, if you apply this solution, you will lose all the personalization you already did (how many hours of hard working? ;))

Today, I will explain to you how you can restore the Departments button without losing your personalization.

The solution consists of few simple steps:

  1. Export the profile using Xmlport “Profile Import/Export” (ID 9170) and filter to your PROFILEID (or the action “Export Profile” on Profile Card/List  for NAV 2017).
  2. Open the exported profile (xml file) with your favorite text editor (notepad++ is my favorite),
  3. Look for the value: Attribute value=”Departments”,
  4. Select and delete the node that contains this attribute (see image below),
  5. Save the modified xml file,
  6. Delete you profile from NAV,
  7. Import the modified xml file to NAV,
  8. Check and enjoy your “restored” Departments button.

How to_ Remove_Restore Departments Button

P.S: I tested this on NAV 2013, NAV 2013 R2, NAV 2015, NAV 2016 and NAV 2017. It seems Microsoft use a unique ID for the Departments button {7AA351B2-CC3E-479f-9A0B-6BC0DD7A3158}. You may also use this ID to find the correct xml node.

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