As I already explained in this blog post you can import text files with encoding in Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Classic Client and old versions.

Today, I will use the same trick in order to export a text file with encoding (UTF-8 in the example below).

In order to illustrate this, let’s export all items in a text file from a Russian database. I’ll use three possible solutions:

1- Via dataport:

Dataport-Export Item.jpg

2- Via codeunit using variable of type File:

Codeunit File-Export Item.jpg

3- Via codeunit using variable of type Automation (Stream):

Codeunit Stream-Export Item.jpg

Now, let’s see the results:


We quickly notice that export via dataport or via File variable does not do the job as Russian characters are not exported correctly whereas export via Stream does the job perfectly.

As always, I let you download the objects and files I used in this blog post.

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