The processing of large data amounts is part of everyday business in modern companies –  keeping an overview of it is essential. Business Central now offers also in the cloud version the possibility to add notes and links to unstructured data for more transparency.

The internal notes and links can be attached to any business data. They are displayed next to the respective data in a FactBox, which is divided into the tabs “Details” (contains a FactBox area to display own, business-relevant FactBoxes) and “Attachments”. All notes, links and document attachments can be found under the “Attachments”. For a clear display, the respective groups are only shown when needed. For this purpose, the FactBox can be minimized or expanded at any time using the key combination “Alt+F2”.

Notes and Links in Business Central
FactBox for notes and links in Dynamics 365 Business Central (Source: Microsoft)

A note can be added anywhere on the screen with the key combination “Alt+O”, even if the corresponding note factbox is currently hidden. It can cover several lines and is also displayed completely on the screen, if there is enough space. The last note added is always listed first and remains in focus. However, the key combination “Alt+Shift+F2” can be used to switch between “Attachments” and “Details”.

The links section also allows users to add hyperlinks to online content on map and document pages for various advanced scenarios. Attachments, links and notes remain persistent and pinned even if the status of the associated map or document changes, for example, from a current sales order to a posted customer invoice.