NAV 2016 has been made generally available since publishing this article.  Get the latest information on the Microsoft Dynamics 2016 release here.

Microsoft’s World Partner Conference 2016 wrapped up last week and some of the most exciting news had to be the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 release announcement.


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Microsoft unveiled some details about the upcoming Dynamics NAV 2016 release, the upcoming release from Microsoft.  From what was revealed, it is safe expect NAV 2016 to steer heavily toward to the cloud.  You can learn more about hosting the current version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud on the Dynamics Hosting licenses page.

There is a currently a beta version of NAV available and Microsoft will reveal more about the Dynamics NAV 2016 release date when it showcases more features and details at Dynamics NAV Directions 2015 in Orlando this October.

“Corfu, our next big release is the next step in the journey of the product,” said Paul White, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics NAV in a recent video. “And we’re looking forward to sharing the details of that with you in Orlando in October.”


Like most Microsoft events one of the biggest topics of discussion was cloud at WPC.  And it comes as no surprise the this latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, sometimes known as NAV Corfu, will be the most cloud enabled version of the agile enterprise resource planning system yet.  With new application features and development enhancements specifically designed to improve mobility and cloud deployments.

Much like the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics AX7 release, Dynamics NAV 2016 will also have new application features, architectural and development improvements along with more native integration to cloud components to improve the experience for developers, administrators and users.


Since the NAV Roadmap was released November 2014, the Dynamics NAV 2016 release has been highly anticipated.  According to the presentation of the new version of NAV at WPC 2015 some of the features and enhancements to the latest upcoming version of NAV include:

  • Better integration to O365 and Power BI
  • Native Integration to CRM Online
  • Improve agility to allow improved access from any device including mobile
  • Electronic invoicing and optical character recognistion
  • Enhanced accounting functionality
  • Workflow enhancements to improve customized automation around billing, HR and Payroll, financials and other critical functions.

Microsoft will release more details about the Dynamics NAV 2016 release this fall, but it is clear that this is going to be a major release for the product and it seems like this version will be worth getting excited about.

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