Microsoft 365: The release of new product has been announced on Microsoft Inspire 2017 (ex-WPC) conference in Washington DC. Microsoft Inspire 2017 has not provided any shocking news to the participating partners – all was evolutionary expected. Except, perhaps, the fact that one thing has been not so clear delivered to the public: Satya Nadella announced the release of a new product during his speech on the opening Keynote on Monday, July 10:

New Microsoft 365 has been released, including two principal options: Enterprise and Business:

This product covers a certain bundle of the sub-products included, combining Office 365, Windows 10 and Mobility and Security options:


  • Enterprise option is based on the previously known Secure Productive Enterprise. It includes Office 365 Enterprise, Windows 10 Enterprise and a set of Enterprise Mobility + Security. Currently I do not have information about the pricing of that option.
  • Business option is planned to be released on August, 2 this year. It has a special tool for centralized management of users and devices to provide advanced security, and contains Office 365 Business Premium, tools to manage and secure Windows 10, and a set of Enterprise Mobility + Security. It is aimed for the customer with up to 300 users. The price is estimated to be 20 USD per user per month.

I have asked Microsoft managers if "Microsoft 365" is rather a marketing concept or really a product and they confirmed it is a product. My expert colleagues from Awara IT Solutions, Yury Shumakov and Alexander Pirogov, who as well attend Microsoft Inspire, consider this as a very good move.

Note here that Dynamics 365 is not included into Microsoft 365, regardless the fact that both have offerings of Enterprise and Business plans. However it could be logical to expect that in the future it would be naturally included into Microsoft 365 as one unified product.