Microsoft has revealed to the general public the new Dynamics 365 Business Central features planned to be released in the April 2019 wave (from April through September 2019). Here a quick summary of what to attend (so be prepared  ):

  • Web experience improvements:
    • New shortcuts
    • Work date settings
    • Company indicator
    • Totals for lists
    • Improved search
    • Advanced personalization experience
    • Page inspector: an “advanced zoom feature” Depending on the page you are inspecting, some or all of the following is displayed:
      • The page or page part name and identifier.
      • The underlying table name and identifier.
      • The entire set of table fields for the current record, including their caption, value, field identifier, primary key indicator, and which extension has introduced them.
      • Which extensions extend the page or the underlying table.
      • Which filters are currently applied to the table.
  • Platform improvements:
    • Database tuning
    • Server resources optimized for fast user interaction
    • On-demand page elements loading
    • Security improvements
    • Tenant upgrade policy improvements for maximum customer’s availability
    • Release candidates of new application versions will be available in sandbox environments. Tenant administrators and ISVs can upgrade a sandbox environment to the new release candidate version, or create a new sandbox environment on the new version. This will allow administrators and ISVs to do testing, verify extension compatibility, and review new application  functionality in a sandbox environment prior to the upgrade happening in the production environment .
    • Possibility to manually upload extensions directly to the sandbox environment
    • New automated service that validates per-tenant extensions against upcoming versions of the base application and notifies the admins/developers when an incompatibility is found
    • Notifications sent to admins when a new version of an installed AppSource app is available. The administrator can then select to upgrade the app from the extension management page on their schedule
    • Intelligent Cloud enhancements: now a data synch from NAV 2018 is fully supported. Dynamics NAV 2018 customers can replicate virtually all on-premises tables to their Business Central cloud tenant, except for customized tables
    • SmartList Designer: it will enable users to create new queries or modify existing queries.
  • Application enhancements:
    • Standard Name and Description fields are now 100 chars (previously 50)
    • You can now select multiple items at once from the items list to add to sales or purchase documents
    • When you enter an item that does not exist on a sales line, you are prompted to either create a new item card or select an existing item (you can skip this via a setup)
    • When a duplicate customer or vendor record is created by mistake, you can now merge such duplicate records to a single record
    • Bulk import of item pictures (zip file)
    • Customer and Vendor statistics factbox improved with payment details
    • Saved list views + development model for creating list views via AL code
    • Improved notes and links
    • Quick Entry feature for repetitive data entry ( It changes the behavior of the Enter key to be different from the Tab key, moving the focus to the next Quick Entry field across the page and skipping over non-essential fields )
    • Auto-saving indicator (it shows an indication about the save state of a record, such as Saving, Saved, Not saved):


    • Dynamics 365 for Sales integration improved
  • Development enhancements:
    • Base application as an app: all base code will be translated into AL code. The base app is splitted into a system app and a dependent app on top of that,  compiled in AL using Visual Studio Code:
    • AL base code can be managed directly via Visual Studio Code (remember that the April ’19 release is based on C/AL and C/SIDE, and plans are on track to
      switch to AL and Visual Studio Code as the supported platform for new releases within 12-24 months from our October ’18 release


    • In-client designer no longer automatically adds dependencies to all deployed extensions (finally!!)
    • Improved support for large AL projects
    • Possibility to attach the debugger to already running client sessions
    • Visual Studio Code Code actions support
    • API improvements (and out of beta)