As publicly announced yesterday, the February 2019 Developer Preview for Dynamics 365 Business Central launches the first public version of the application where all the base code is converted from C/AL to AL.

If you open the old C/SIDE Development Environment, what you can immediately see is that you’ve only few system tables and system codeunits but no other application objects:


No standard tables, pages, reports, queries, codeunits, XMLports etc. :


Now all the base code is in a single AL extension called BaseApp (actually a monolithic app with about 6000 files):


If you want to create an extension for this new “absolutely alpha” application version and be able to have the symbols, ACTUALLY (and I repeat, actually!!!) you need to do two things:

  • In your app.json file, add the dependency from the Microsoft’s BaseApp
  • Remove the “application”: “” line

Your app.json should be:


Now you will be able to have the symbols and (expecially) no strange errors during compilation:


All will be more stable for sure in the next releases (this is a preview  ) but with these tricks in mind you will not loose too much time on troubleshooting strange errors from Visual Studio Code.