To access the list of Vedors start with top Navigation Pane and click Vendors.


All the vendors will appear in alphabetical order and each one can be edited by clicking on Show More option and by clicking either Edit or Delete. However you cannot delete a vendor if there is an outstanding balance which is owed to them.



To explore further, click on a vendor. The vendor card will show you additional information such as Address, Phone Number, Contact Person, Balance Due and even their Payment Terms Code.


Each FastTab has hidden fields, which can be seen by clicking on Show More.


Now a vendor profile is created that shows the company’s statistics for Invoices & Transactions., including posted purchase invoices and credit memos.


To get a better look at what these numbers mean, click on the hyperlink in FactBox area. You will see the associated invoices and transactions for the vendor.

By clicking on Posted Invoices, you can see the invoices posted on your purchases and the amounts owing.


If you want to add a document to the vendor card, you can do so by clicking on Attachments on the navigation pane under Process.