You can use filters to find required information. Filters retrieve subset of records that are corresponding to a certain value expression or formula.

Now let’s assume that you want to find items where the inventory > 20. What can you do?

  • Open the item list.
  • Go to the field Inventory.
  • Open the menu to add a filter.
  • Use the expression “>20”.

  • Click Ok to see a subset of items, based on your criteria.

NOTE: You can apply filters to multiple fields at a time.

Filter Criteria

When you enter criteria, you can use all the numbers and letters that you typically use in the field. In addition, you can use some special symbols or mathematical expressions. The following table shows the available formats.

Symbol Meaning Sample Expression Records Displayed
= Equal to 377 Number 37
BLUE Those with the BLUE code, for example, the BLUE warehouse code.
22 A datetime: from 22-current month-current year 0:00:00 to 22-current month-current year 22:59:59
22 10 An exact datetime: 01-01-22 ( or 22-01-01) 10:00:00
.. Interval 1100..2100 Numbers 1100 through 2100
..2500 Up to and including 2500
..12 31 00 Dates up to and including 12 31 00
P8.. Information for accounting period 8 and thereafter
..23 From the beginning of time until 23 -current month-current year 23:59:59
23.. From 23-current month-current year 0:00:00 until the end of time
22..23 From 22-current month-current year 0:00:00 until 23-current month-current year 23:59:59
| Either/or 1200|1300 Those with number 1200 or 1300
& And <2000&>1000 Numbers that are less than 2000 and greater than 1000. The ampersand (&) cannot be used by itself with numbers because no record can have two numbers.
<> Not equal to <>0 All numbers except 0. You can combine this symbol with a wildcard expression. For example, <>A* meaning not equal to any texts that begin with A.
> Greater than >1200 Numbers greater than 1200
 >= Greater than or equal to >=1200 Numbers greater than or equal to 1200
< Less than <1200 Numbers less than 1200
<= Less than or equal to <=1200 Numbers less than or equal to 1200
* An indefinite number of unknown characters *Co* Texts that begin with Co
? One unknown character Hans?n Texts such as Hansen or Hanson
@ Ignore case (either uppercase or lowercase allowed) @location Texts such as LOCATION, location, or Location
Blank All records with a blank value in the field for which the criteria is used