In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Pages offer a modern online visual and convenient experience.

The user interface consists out of following important types of pages:

Role Center Page

You typically open your Business Central solution with a Role Center Page, it represents your starting point in your solution by giving you quick access to the information you need, the actions you want to perform and the insights you need to make decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides several different Role Centres for users who have different jobs in a company.

List Page

List pages display lists of customers, vendors, contacts, sales orders, sales invoices and many more. As you find multiple records on one page, List pages are typically used to search and filter for information.

Card Page

You can use a card page to view and edit one record or entity from a table. The card page displays a wider selection of information than a list page. You can find more detailed information on the card page than on a list page. The card page only displays information of one record while a list page displays multiple records.

Documents Page

Document pages, focus on user tasks. Examples of document pages are Sales Order, Purchase Order, Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Posted Sales Invoice, Posted Purchase Invoice and many more.