Role Center

Every Role Center is built or designed out of the same components.

  • On top, there is the AppBar in which you can find the:
    • App menu
    • A search button
    • A feedback button
    • A notifications button
    • My settings
    • The question mark for more information and
    • The signed-in user.
  • Underneath the AppBar we have the Navigation bar, existing of:
    • Navigation menus and
    • List places

    Here you find menus for different functional domains and departments relevant to the role and quick access to master data applicable to the specific role.

  • Next, we have the Headline area in which salient insights are published and the action area that contains the most used actions for your role. By having these actions directly on your Role Center, you save clicks and you win speed.
  • More insights are then built up by Cues, in which most relevant statistics for the role are built and cues are displayed in:
    • Standard layout and
    • Wide layout

List Page

A list page publishes multiple records on one page, for example a customer list.

  • On top of the list page, you will have an App and a Navigation bar just like the Role Center page. But on top of that, a list page will also have a Command bar including an action menu with most relevant actions for that master data.
  • Underneath the command bar, you will find the real content of this page in the Content section.
  • Then on the right-hand side you will have the Factbox pane which will include much more statistics and additional relevant information for that customer record that you have selected.

Card Page

Now, let’s have a look at the card page.

  • On top of the card page we have the Ribbon. The ribbon is organized in tabs, and in each tab you’ll find the most relevant actions grouped, like, for instance, the actions related to the creation of new documents.
  • The content of the card page is organized in FastTabs. Each FastTab includes information published in fields related to the FastTab name.
  • On the right-hand side, you will find a Factbox.
  • On the right-hand side of the FastTab you can find the Promoted fields. These are fields in the FastTabs that display their value.