In Business Central it is easy to personalize your pages. You can personalize your pages by changing, adding or removing fields from these pages.

Now, how do you do this?

  • You go to Settings and click on Personalize which opens personalization business manager.

  • Now let’s say that you want to change the customer list. Click on customer list and you can start changing a number of things. For example, you want to get rid of phone number. Click on the red triangle and hide and it is gone.

  • Now Maybe you want to add field. Click on more, +Field to add more fields to the page.

  • Let’s say, the Language Code. Type in language code, and drag it now to the canvas.

  • You can also change the order of the field as well as sorting of the fields, and once you are done, click Done and you will have a personalized page.

Please note this is only be applicable to the user who has personalized his or her page. This will not be applicable to the other users in the company. So personalization is on the personal level. That is what each user can do for his or her pages to make sure that they are reflecting whatever that user wants to see. A personalization can always be undone. That means reverting it back to the status before the personalization.

To clear personalization, click Settings > Personalize > Clear personalization. This will undo the changes.