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IncludeInDataSet property for Boolean variable on Pages (2016-2018 nav)

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Vladimir Dvernitskyi asked a question on 11 Jul 2018 8:09 PM

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Hello, my question is why should use IncludeInDataSet YES property for Boolean variable on Pages?
If it is Request Page on report it is must or user will get runtime error.

But for some reason Page 1, 21 or etc. use that property for booleans which used on Editable/Visible/Enabled/StyleExpr property.

In the documentation I found this(2016):

You must set this property to Yes if the variable is used as the value of the Editable Property, Enabled Property, Visible Property, or StyleExpr Property.

Great. But all works fine if IncludeInDataSet = No

[b]I have nowhere found the reasons why should use IncludeInDataSet. No one example when variable works not correctly. [/b]

Just words: set plz IncludeInDataSet = Yes for editable/visible/etc.

I'm talking specifically about the versions of 2016-2017-2018. And not about reports request pages.

Hope someone can help me to understand. Otherwise I can not sleep peacefully :|

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This is an old story, for old versions:

Verified Answer

This is an old story, for old versions:


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