Divide by Zero Exception: How do I fix this???

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I get a "Divide by Zero Exception" error message when trying to update my standard cost via the Standard Cost Worksheet. i also receive this error when trying to close my inventory period. In both instances, the error message prevents me from completing these tasks which means I cannot correct my standard cost on the item or close my inventory period. Why do I get this error? How do I fix this error?

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  • You can turn on the debugger to see where it stops.  Also, It's probably some custom code or some field you are not filling out properly.

    Any code dealing with division by zero should be written as

    if x = 0

    then y := 0 //stops the crash

    else y := z/x;

    taking into account the possiblity of division by zero and preventing crashes.

  • Hello,

    I will add some additional information to the response.  In previous reports of the Divide By Zero error, the problem was the result of some data corruption where the ILE data had been deleted but the Value Entries and Item Application Entries had not been consistently deleted..  

    The Costing Error Detection Toolkit Report would be a possible starting point to determine the extent of any data issues. You would want to work with your partner to analyze the results and determine possible next steps.  The complexity of managing an issue with a "divide by zero" error go beyond what can be managed through this Forum.



    Thomas Blaisdell, MIcrosoft Dynamics NAV Support Contributor

  • Savatage99 - What debugger?

    Tom - Where do I find this Costing Error Detection Toolkit Report?

    Thanks for your responses!


  • Eric,

    The following link is to the Customer Source access:

    https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/documentation/whitepapers/navcostingerrordetectionwp.htm?printpage=false&sid=czungajnr2pr0skmb2hvlrjp&stext=Costing error detection