assign consumption and output journal to due date different from today

assign consumption and output journal to due date different from today

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Hi guys i want to ask you one question I have released production order with due date 02/02/12 i want to change date in consumption journal as this day meaning also i want to change consumption to date 02/02/12 after make calc consumption my problem is it come as date today in consumption journal as date 23/02/13 how i make this

release order due date is 02/02/12

consumption journal it come after calc consumption to 23/02/2013

and out put journal also

so that what i need is change it as release production order

I make global variable then assign it to text box and put it in on open form trigger but it not work


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  • Hi

    The consumption journal entries are created by the "Calc. Consumption" report so if you want to affect the date that appears when you run the calculate consumption function this is where it will need to be done, this however is a function that creates journal entries

    Be Very Very careful, modifying code that affects postings and journals can cause a ton of trouble, crazy errors and many late nights trying to figure out what went wrong, don't modify posting, journal or financial code unless you are extremely sure you know what the possible effects could be.



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