Work mode 'Off-Line' with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

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I work in a society service and has Microsoft Dynamic Nav 2013 everything is fine, except that few days ago I was asked to find a solution for our business at home to have access to Navision without being connected to the internet and when they connect to corporate networks, data are synchronized with those of the server.
So, my questions are: Does Navision has a mode 'off-line'?
If not, what should we do?
I hope I was clear and you will be able to enlighten me, because I have been looking for several days and I can not find concrete answers.
Thank you.

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  • So you want separate nav installations and one "main office" type of structure?

    This will probably cost more licensing than you are looking for.  

    Usually the details behind such a request can shed light on such a need.

    And it's unclear why you want this.  

    And since you have a new nav 2013 installation, why aren;t you asking your partner?

    So these "Home" users can and eventually will connect but you don't want them connecting all the time?

    There is no "check box" somewhere if that's what you are looking for.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    No problem for licenses!

    Why this need??? Because commercial spend more time working at home and outside the office.

  • I understand the need to working outside the office but I think the easier solution would be to find these people a way to connect via the internet rather than Syncing databases n such.  The question is what is preventing them from loging in using Citrix or RDC for example when they do their work?  Even a little Verizon Mifi would do the trick and many smartphones today can create their own hot spots.

  • To my knowledge, NAV does not have an offline solution.. there is a mobile product that could be of use to you (via iPhone or iPad) where you can do work on the device and then sync the changes back to NAV.  It is called Qiwi Mobility, and it has a true "offline capabilities" where it stores all of the data on the device "SQL Lite DB" and whenever something is changed, it marks it as modified and then when you go back into "online" mode you can sync the changes that have been made.  Because of it's flexibility, you can do anything in Qiwi that you can do in NAV.  I suggest talking to your Partner about this.