undo receipt g/l account

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Dear All,

   System not allow me to undo receipt for GL account, message prompted "Undo Receipt can be performed for lines of type ITEM".

   Is there any way to allow undo receipt for GL account, because not yet "Invoiced"

   Need Help !


Koh Ying Kiat


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  • Dear All

     Im using Nav 2009 (6.0 R2)

  • Hi

    Yes, your best bet here is to invoice the amount that you have received, then raise a credit note (You can copy document to avoid having the re-type)

    After crediting the document you can raise a new order if needed



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  • Hi,

    well it's only a receipt, without any recordings in the system except in the purchase document. IMO, the easiest way to get out of it would be to enter a qty. to receive of -<whatever quantity you received> in the line, and receive again. OTOH there is no real effect on this (no expected cost, no inventory movements), so it's a mistake without much of an effect. It will be righted by posting the invoice anyway.

    with best regards