create new customer after set settableview filter to specified branch not accept why

create new customer after set settableview filter to specified branch not accept why

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Hi guys i have problem in customer card i make  source table view properties to make filtration to one branch jeco.

meaning employee of branch jeco they will see customer of jeco branch  only .but when i add new customer as serial i have before by 1 it back again to last one why this make.are there are any way to incremental by 1 after make filtration.

my customers as following :




then make filtration from filter group or set table view on branch to see only jeco entries only.(my branches found in database related to branch(jeco -meco-saleco)

but now when i add new customer it must come 1503.but it not come 1503 it come 1502 how i will solve this problem.

my default incremental from before as 1.

please help me


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  • For the incrementing numbers, you should use the No. Series Management codeunit instead of trying to create your own.

  • please alex can you help me

    what i need not is no.series  incremental because i asign that in noseries in setup in financial management

    what i need is when you make filter it not accept to increase although if you assign no.series in fincial management

  • I don't know what code you wrote, but have you tried clearing the filter first before trying to assign a new number?

    I still don't understand why you want to write your own number series function when there's already one available ready to use.

  • First what i need is to insert new record from customer card based on specified criteria

    as globale dimension code 1(branch name) because my database have more branches  so that

    i write this code  on insert record trigger of form customer card

    cust1.SETRANGE("Global Dimension 1 Code",UserSetup."Global Dimension 1 Code");

    cust1.SETRANGE("No.",'Jo-TC-000001','Jo-TC-999999');last number current is  Jo-TC-002700


    IF  cust1.FIND('+') THEN

    "Global Dimension 1 Code":=filterlocation ;


    how i solve this problem,

    but it give me this error "overflow under conversion text to text

    value no global dimension code 1 is jeddah

    Now how i allow insert when i make filterer to data

    What i need from this code above  how to prevent filter to location when i make insert  to new customer can any one correct the code to me  .

    my serial no incremental by 1 and in no series from 'Jo-TC-000001','Jo-TC-999999' and current customer is Jo-TC-002700 but when i add customer it put in table but hide from form

    please please help me