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I heard that we can expect new version of NAV in end of this year. Does anyone have information about this? I am not sure and I can not believe. The last version (2013) appeared at the end of last year. This means that the new version comes after only one year.

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  • Yes, it is a true. New NAV version has code name "Sicily". I think, new version will be ready in early 2014, but I expect Beta version in 2013Q3.

    Because all of us expect beta, Direction EMEA moved the conference from April to September, to be in line with the new NAV version.

    I am localization partner, and we are not a happy about this roadmap; we have to have a team that will work on localization all the time. But, this is a plan.

    "Sicily" will introduce a new Windows 8 interface. And, just as NAV 2013’s interface conformed to Office 2010 standards; "Sicily" will be closely tied to Office 2013.

    I heard, that there will be less new functionality (cash management e.g.) and more tchnical (new client, better hosting model, a lot more integration with Office 2013 and Office 365...).

    Also, I heard from MS employees that upgrade will be much simpler. Maybe someone else has more information.

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