Misprinting of Sales Invoice.

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Dear Experts please help me to rectify the issue in printing of sales invoice, as in our CST number contains 11 digits but it is printing only 10 digits.

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  • Hi,

    is it a classic or a RDLC report?

    classic: increase the size of the field for the CST number.

    RDLC layout: increase the field size, or set the "CanGrow" property of the field. But caution: this can also mean it grows to a multiline printout.

    with best regards


  • Sir,

    it is RDLC, please suggest me the process to increase the field size, Or i can acess to classic also.

    Please give me the process to change my CST number change in classic.

  • Dear Experts advice me the process to correct the CST line(i.e CST number line) in our Sales invoice using the classic.

  • Hi

    Click, Tools -> Object designer

    Select reports on the left, then select report 206

    Click Design (At the bottom)

    Select View (At the top) -> Sections

    Drag the CST number field a little bigger (Making it longer to fit the extra character)

    Escape out and save when prompted

    Always make a backup before making any changes



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