Partner certification - mb5-858 retired exam?

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Does anyone know anything about this?

From the 20th of this month has been removed but is still required for certification for dynamics

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  • MB5-858 is formally retired (, but it is still necessary for SPA (

    We expect new SPA requirements soon and I think, this is problem. It is sure that we can still regularly take the this exam.

  • We had three people to test purchased for it tomorrow and after tomorrow. Today they have informed us that the exam is retired. The problem is that the certifications must be renewed before October 1 for  partner recertification. Now is impossible to do this exam.

  • The exam was replaced with MB5-705

    Not sure if the content is the same but the title is.. I would assume there are some updated questions.

  • Yes, this is the same exam, but with another number.

    MB5-858 retired at 20.09. and MB5-705 ia active from 21.09.

  • Thank you

  • Hi Jose,

    Did you take the exam MB5-705? is it same as MB5-858 or different? Please confirm.

    We are planning to take the exam by this month.....


  • MB5-705 and  MB5-858 are same.

    Exam MB5-705:

    Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations

    Exam MB5-858:

    but i think MB5-858 has be removed my MS. Since link is not working


    Thank you
  • Thanks Umesh. Any idea on Silver competency requirements? when I check for Silver competency requirements MB5-858 is still there.... so bit confused whether Microsoft will consider MB5-705(in place of MB5-858) for silver competency requirements......?

  • Today, 2013/10/10, we took the MB5-705 exam.

    MB-858 and MB5-705 exams are very different. Themes and directions are the same but the content is completely different.

  • ребятки, подтверждаю, экзамен вообще другой по составу вопросов и по их количеству.

    дамп 858 не прокатит !!!

    45 вопросов, тематика осталась таже, но в самих вопросах стало намного больше вариантов ответов, также появилось несколько вопросов по теме управления ожиданиями.

    guys, I have another exam on the composition and number of issues.

    dump 858 not followed!

    45 issues subject remained the same, but the questions became much more choice, also had a few questions on the subject of management expectations.

  • Yes, MB5-705 is the successor of MB5-858. Since I have been re-routed by our local Prometric test center, I am sure.

    No, the test content is very different from the old one. My preparations based for MB5-858 have been pretty much "useless" when I tried to pass the new exam. Maksim's statement is right and there is hardly any learning content posted on the Microsoft Learning page!



  • But how can Microsoft do that? I want to sit for exams MB5-705 but there are no learning content on the Microsoft learning site. What do you suggest I should do?

    Also, if you have any available material that help me pass the exams please send it to me @


  • No, there is hardly any learning content provided from Microsoft's side. I have purchased a test engine package from From my point of view that contained all questions/answers that might come on the test. The package comes with a test engine (software) with a training and a self-test mode and a pdf-file with all questions/answers provided. It's not working perfectly but at the end it was everything needed to pass the test.

    I also read a book "Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010" which provided insights into the program and "the ideas behind" but for the test itself it was just a useful add-on (for better understanding).



  • Hi All,

    Please note that MB5-858 retired  and MB5-705 is active. Both are same.


    Thank you
  • Mr. Martin,

    Can you please send me the copy of the pdf file you purchased from passcert? I'm in Ghana and over here its very difficult to own a credit card or even purchase something online.

    Please I will be very grateful if you send me a copy, I really need to sit for this exams. Please help me!! here is my e mail adds