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I would like know your experience return of sizing a project Dynamics Nav.
We are a little company around 100~300 people with 3 differents physical sites.
I surely hosted nav in datacenter accessible with Public IP (Firewall authorize only site to connect).
But, I see in web than more people use Citrix or TSE.

Is possible to use Dynamics NAV with only light client web with IP Public ?
Is recommended like printers or upload file ?

What do you recommended for this kind of project (Light web client, citrix, TSE, ...) ?

Thank you very much because I'm in the big fog.


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  • We are using NAV 2013 RTC Client in 30 remote branches (almost 90 concurrent remote users) to HQ server (another 30 users) without problems, you just need to use security certificates to make the connection to server.

    I dont like the web client because you have limitations in some operations.

  • Thank you for your fast answer.

    Ok I understand rich client use TCP.

    Do you have the port ?

    The TCP client is not the outlook plugin it is a different software ?

    And the request between you HQ are in VPN or in simple WAN IP ?

    You have more server  (one for database and one for Dynamics/Sharepoint) ?

    If I good understand you not use Citrix or TSE, For your print the client TCP print directly to the printer configure in workstation ?

    What is your bandwidth between your site 1Mbits, 4Mbits ?

    Thanks for your help.


  • You can use windows clients from remote computers, as Francisco said without any problem. But you can use wrb client also. Web client in NAV2013R2 is much better and have not many limitations as previous version.

  • If I good understand I configure IP public in config of remote client and I no need TSE ?

  • yes, you use a public IP address, setup your tcp port 7046 to 7048 to that ip address,, install certificates, créate users and thats all

  • sorry, you dont need TSE, nav rich client makes everything

  • I understand better the mechanism of rich client.

    Do you know "link OLE" ?

    Some people say me with remote site without private IP this can be bad because remote users don't have ability to use office correctly.


  • with our customer we use dyndns as domain redirector because they dony have a fixed ip address and everything Works fine, you can use NAV and copy to Excel and Word,