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I am using NAV 2009 R2 RTC client and need to be able to link directly to a specific customer/contact card from an external application. I know I can use the dynamicsnav:/// handler to open the correct page but not with a specific customer/contact unless I use a bookmark which I do not have.

I have used the web service (from c#) to retrieve the customer/contact I want to open and have the contact/customer number. But how can I convert this to a bookmark without having to create a codeunit. Ideally I could do with being able to call  FORMAT(RecRef.RECORDID,0,10) via the webservice.

Is this possible or if not do I have any alternatives?



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  • If you don't want to create a new codeunit what about inserting in your ws (I assume a page) a field

    evaluated in this way?


  • Thanks Daniele, not quite sure what you mean by this. The webservice I am using is for the CustomerCard not my own webservice within NAV. How would you access the RECORDID.value property?

  • So, if you exposed the customer card insert this code in OnAfterGetRecord:


    And add a new field in page with, as source expression, the string in previous post.

  • I've added this is the OnAfterGetRecord event (I assume you meant RecRef not ReRef) but when I try and save I receive this error. I did try ReRef but had the same error.

  • Ill add the screen shot this time!

  • Yes, was a typo: you need to declare a RecordRef variable called RecRef before using it.