We need to have up to 7 decimal digits stored in our exp qty and qty picked.  So we have made the decimal digit change in the prod order component table as well as item ledger entry (and other related tables).  In the replenishment tab of specific items, we have set rounding precision to .0000001. 

The problem is when we have a prod order and we have finished picking and have already registered picks for that order, for one, the item ledger entry doesn't seem to store up to 7 dig rounding precision even though we had already mod the dec place to up to 7 digits in the table.  Also, in the prod order components, qty picked doesn't seem to store up to 7 digits decimal as well as it doesn't seem to round to the nearest .0000001.

I think in the help for rounding precision, you can only have a max of 6.  That is well and good, but the problem is I think it rounds only to the nearest hundreds or thousands.

So when we completed the registered picks, the est qty does not match the qty picked even though we have completely picked an item.  In return, we are unable to even open the prod journal.

Please help shed some lights.