My client reported a very odd issue that I have never seen before. She created a payment journal and printed checks (so far, so good). Apparently when she clicked preview on the test report, her screen locked up, so she kept clicking "Cancel".

Somehow all of the checks posted. There are general ledger, bank ledger, check ledger and vendor ledger entries associated with the batch. Strangely, there is no register as the batch is still in her payment journal appearing as it's unposted.

I do not know of any customizations that would cause something like this to happen. This client has been using NAV 2016 for almost 2 years and this has never happened before.

I wasn't able to find this problem reported, so I'm still not sure if this is a known bug with the version. I am looking for suggestions as to how we can fix this without having to void all of the checks.