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Adjust cost entries posting date

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clsy asked a question on 6 Jun 2019 5:53 AM

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Why are Adjust cost entries posted on date run and not in original transaction date?

Teddy Herryanto responded on 6 Jun 2019 3:53 PM
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It does, unless your original transaction date is outside the allowed posting from and to in General Ledger Setup.

clsy responded on 7 Jun 2019 2:55 AM


Thanks for the reply but it does not apply to my case. The original transaction date is within the allowed posting from and to in General Ledger Setup and User setup. However the Adjust Cost entries are still posted on date run. I normally do it via a Job overnight run at 0h which falls on the next date. All the Adjust cost entries are in the next date. Is there something in the setup missing? Note that I do not use Inventory Periods.




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