How to rename a user account in Navision

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Dirk Fieremans asked a question on 14 Jul 2008 1:36 AM


we're still using Navision 3.70

I recently changed a user account name in Active Directory and cannot make the same modification in Navision, without keeping the old account also active in AD.

old account was "_jgoosse", new account is "jgoossen". I could make the change in AD, and that went fine; when I hoever change the name (delete-create) the account in Navision and then try to 'Synchronise', it fails and keeps referring to the "_jgoosse" account

Does anyone know the procedure on how to rename an account in Navision (linked to Active Directory)?

many thanks,

Alex Chow responded on 25 Jul 2008 1:25 PM


Your probably better off deleting the user in NAV and creating the user again in NAV.
teknik responded on 2 Feb 2010 12:57 PM

For all those googlers out there, FYI.

When you create a new user - you will be losing the original account's shortcuts.

I recently renamed a user, we're using 5, SP1 with DB logins not Windows logins, and are using Native, not SQL.

Upon renaming the user,

 - Nav renamed records

- Nav lost touch with shortcuts for the user.

Something to be wary of.

Navision saves Menu shortcuts that are created by a user, not in the ZUP file,
 but in table 2000000061 "User Menu Level"