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Hi All,

I had Problem Connecting RTC from Clients. The Navision Service Tier & Sql Server Installed in Two Seperate Machines. I am getting the Error below:-


"The Server "Net.tcp//svr2:7046/DynamicsNav/Service is either unavailable or connection has been lost.  

Please advise.


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  • please chk whether MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer service is running in Navision Service Tier system

  • We experienced a similar error. NavServer Service shows as running but with high CPU usage.... RTC users received similar message to above and connection was lost but then service recovered after 5 mins or so. Looking through the evenviewer for the time of the crash. Event ID: 1000 - Faulting application Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Server.exe, version 6.0.30929.0, time stamp 0x4bd22e8b, faulting module nclcsrts.dll, version 6.0.30929.0, time stamp 0x4bd22cea, exception code 0xc0000417, fault offset 0x0010d97c, process id 0x584, application start time 0x01cbbfbbc2300030..

  • Hi Paul Andrews, we are facing the same issue that you have described since we went Live with NAV 2013 two months ago. RTC users are getting disconnected once or twice in a day where the connection is lost and then after sometime (5 to 10 minutes) the service is recovered. Any idea on how to fix this issue ?

    Please let me know.


    Mohamed Ali    

  • Hi Mohamed, The errors we were receiving were from a previous configuration. For our Nav upgrade we migrated the server from Physical to VM (Hosted on Hyper-V). We put the issues down to performance and original configuration of the host server. Since adopting a full virtual environment, having dedicated cores, memory, GB network ports and storage for the VM's - We haven't had the problem since. What sort of server setup are you running?

  • Thanks for the prompt reply Paul. here is our server setup :

    OS Name : windows server 2008 R2

    System Model : VMware Virtual platform

    Memory (RAM) :8.00 GB

    Virtual Memory : 16.0 GB

    Page file space : 8.00 GB

    Also I checked with our infrastructure manager and it seems that the memory consumption goes high and not CPU. Also have some users in remote locations connected thru VPN (Cisco client), another important thing this issue was not there when we had only Finance department Live and after the full conversion (30 users) we started facing the disconnection issue.

    Mohamed Ali    




































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