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    I have created a custom document-style Form (Header with Lines) that applies the Header record primary Key Field value as a FlowFilter in the Lines Records. The Lines contain a FlowField that shows amount information, that is the sum of Amount Field in a Ledger Entry Table, filtered as per the FlowFilter...
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    Hi, I am new to NAV development. I want to add a control, like a browser control to certain pages. Is there a built in browser control or anything like a "web part" in the Role Tailored client? How about being able to add a flash or Silverlight object? thanks for your help David
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    We are a NAV RTC hoster. We have 8 different NAV 2009 SP1 RTC instances currently running on this Service Tier Nav Server. The first instance, which I loaded on this server about 6 months ago, has just recently started recieving the following intermittent error: Metadata for object of type Table with...
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    Hi, Does any1 know if theres any manual for migration of nav matrix type forms into pages? its being very complicated to make it manually with no clue. thanks.
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    Hi there, Hope som1 can help: OKay lets say we´ve got a master form with a subform on it. Items form and a warehouse subform, they are NOT linked by any property. The aftergetrecord event in the main form used to call a function in the subform and refresh some warehouse...