Dear members of this board,

I am in search for answers, my previous online research was unable to provide me with.

My main objective is to audit certain functions of the on premise version. Most controls can be covered with the Change Log already, but still I was yet unable to match the following requirements. What is to add, is the fact that I do not have a test system at my disposal to try out certain things.

  • I need to find out about users that were not active within a 120 day period or longe or were never used. I have already read about the table "Session Event" but I could not tell wether this table was limited to database access or wether it would also contain information on people accessing the system itself.
  • Also I need to know wether there is a Change Management procedure / logging for transporting system/configuration changes into the productive system, and how it can be analysed (similar SAP t-code: STMS)
  • I know that there is a table for when new users are assigned their privileges, that can be analysed via Change Log entries. But is there also some possibility to analyse the granting of additional privileges for existing users?
  • How exactly can I access password settings (assuming no Active Directory Login, Login via NAV Database)?

If possible, can you provide me with some screenshot of the respective screen?

Thank you very much indeed for your advice!