In our current hospitality business, i.e., the restaurant, we have assigned chit printers to direct orders to the Kitchen and Expediting stations.  These directions are managed by an assignment of an item's Product Group to the relevant printer using the KDS Routing table.   Moving forward we want to expand that functionality and add bump screens enabling order items to have multiple routings to be directed to a Grill, Fryer and/or Salad prep area. 

Our goal was to use non-conflicting Section Routing names so that the new routing could exist in parallel with old until we get the KDS fully readied. 

What we have found is that the Item Section Routing group supersedes the individual item's KDS Routing eliminating the possibility of a parallel transition.   

Effectively, it's all or nothing at switch time!  Does anyone have any thoughts on a better method of switching to KDS?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Glenn Hamilton