This is a guideline. While some of the titles below will be used in most patterns, the latter ones are optional, to use as appropriate.


<Your name here in italics, plus your company name>



Simple and suggestive. How would you like your pattern to be named, when it will be mentioned by a group of C/AL developers discussing implementation by the coffee machine? A good title is memorable and descriptive.


Meet the Pattern

This is the abstract. No longer than a few lines, to determine the goal/purpose of this pattern.


Know the Pattern

What problem does the pattern solve?

When to use it.

Diagrams if needed (no guideline here, use what diagrams best describe the idea).


Use the Pattern

This section provides a generic example (with diagrams if needed) on how to implement the pattern.

After reading this, the developer should be able to implement the pattern in his/her own code.

Can contain code examples if needed.



This is a real life (NAV demo) example of the pattern implementation.

Contains code examples or application screens if needed.


NAV Usages

A short list of where else in NAV this pattern is used.


Ideas for improvement

And why do we think this improvement is worthwhile. What is the business reason?


When it should not be used

There are situations when using a pattern is overdo, explain if the case.


Related Patterns

A short mention of a related pattern name and abstract.



Optional. Has this pattern been described in NAV certification materials, published books or blogs? Add them here.