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NAV Design Patterns: your project now

As the design patterns hit the NAV C/AL developers world, there was quite a reaction from the community:


"We've also tried this in our company, but it worked | didn't work"

"Have you ever thought of... ?"

"This pattern would be better if ..."

"I have a few examples of patterns that we use and work..."

"We've upgraded much faster by implementing this new pattern ..." (this one is my favorite... and soon to come)


Wouldn't it be awesome, if any C/AL developer who has something to say, could comment, edit or add new NAV Design Patterns?


To open this to the community, we've added the patterns here, on the Dynamics Community webpage. What you'll find here:


  • The patterns published so far on the NAV blog.
  • New patterns! from our latest release. Explaining the MiniApp. Explaining new paradigms we used for better error handling, for localisations, for better user experiences.
  • The possibility to comment (yes, we update the patterns if the comments are good).
  • The chance to be an author. See how.


Hoping this work will bring value to you,

The NAV Design Patterns team.


  • Hi, great idea and great wiki page.

    Common Language and Best Practices are mandatory!

  • Good One

  • Thanks! Let us know as well what you think of each pattern. I know there are not many now. But the intention is to grow the collection. And by the way, if you want to contribute.... send me a message!

  • This way, we can find the wheel to use.

  • Great Project !!

  • great job.