I am sure most of you use LinkedIn in some way or another whether it’s for marketing, recruiting, research, or just plain networking, but there’s so much more we could be doing with LinkedIn by leveraging some of the top apps they offer.  Here are some of my favorite apps and how to get more from LinkedIn:

  • Add Your Blog to LinkedIn
    One great way to profile your blog, showcase your expertise and drive more traffic, is by posting it LinkedIn. Simply add the WordPress app on your profile to which will display on your Profile page. This is a simple app that every blogger should have on his/her profile.
  • Catch Attention through Video
    Adding video with voice to your LinkedIn profile will surely make you stand out. You can add the SlideShare.net app to your profile which allows you to showcase presentations you may have, but it also allows you to add a video that auto plays when people land on your profile. Currently the video must be on YouTube for it to work, but it definitely adds a nice touch. Learn more about how to add video to your LinkedIn profile here.
  • Syncing with Twitter on LinkedIn
    If you’re active “tweeter” on Twitter be sure to sync your Twitter account to LinkedIn. I think you’ll find that you’ll get more interaction from your Twitter updates that sync to LinkedIn as they don’t get lost in the shuffle.  It’s a great way to keep the conversations going and stay updated on what’s happening.
  • Feature Your Events on LinkedIn
    Whether you’re participating in an industry conference, hosting a customer event or presenting a webinar series, one way to get the word out is through the events promotion tool.  Not only is it a great tool to promote your event but you can also see how many people have registered for the event, who’s interested in the event and even who’s exhibiting. You can also see a picture of those who are attending or interested, their industry, how you’re connected to them, what company they work for and more.
  • Ask a Question
    Adding the Polls application to your profile allows you to leverage the wisdom of millions of business professionals on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Polls allows you to easily find answers to your business and market research questions. How do CEOs respond to your question? Do 25-year-olds answer differently from 45-year-olds? Do men and women answer differently? Ask your question, and it will be distributed to your connections and millions of other professionals on LinkedIn. Share your Poll through our Facebook or Twitter integrations, or embed the voting module on your own website or blog.

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