Facebook has updated the look of its profiles and business pages to follow the recent website trends of larger imagery and more easily accessible information. Facebook’s new Timeline arranges your past updates and images into—what else?—a timeline that tells the story of your company.

This re-vamp allows you even more control of your company’s image: literally though photos and implicitly through managing what content is featured. Here are the most important updates and what you can do to maximize the impact of your page:

  1. Imagery – You now get to customize your page in a big way: the header image. You are not allowed to include calls to action or blatant advertising in the image. Instead, use the picture as a way to express what your company means to your customers. Now that the profile picture has shrunk, use your logo as the profile picture and let the header do the branding.
  2. Message – You can control your messaging now more than ever. In Timeline, you can add milestones that talk about important events that happened in your company history: a major hiring, a new product release, etc. You can also now pin important wall posts so they are featured on top of your profile feed for up to a week, which prevents the post from being drowned out by less important announcements.
  3. Offers – A great new feature for marketers is Facebook Offers in which you can post offers such as “Free Whitepaper!” that will appear in your likers’ news feeds. This option is not open to all users yet, but it is something to watch out for, as it will be a strong tool to propagate offers.

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