Matt Henderson, President, Litzia Inc.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform on Microsoft Azure that delivers the best virtual Windows and Microsoft Office experience. It’s the only virtual desktop that has simplified management and multi-session Windows 10 optimized for Office 365 ProPlus services like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Early adopters have reported how simple it is to manage and eagerly anticipate moving more of their customers to WVD.

We sat down with Matt Henderson, President of Litzia Inc. in Bellingham, Washington, to learn what led him to first deploy WVD. Litzia specializes in providing complete IT support for their customers across all industries. They find that Windows Virtual Desktop accelerates their customers’ cloud transition because of the potential cost savings and the ease of management.

Can you tell me about your experience and how you started this Cloud Transformation Journey?

We’ve been involved in customer technology for quite a while…20 years. As technology evolved, and as the cloud became true, we made the leap into the next step of moving people into Office 365. We were early adopters moving people to the Exchange Server platform and as that has continued to be successful, the next logical step is for us to take the remainder of the server infrastructure and desktops into the cloud.

What are the main benefits of WVD for your customers?

Most customers’ primary concern is cost. Once we can prove that cost won’t go up, we can land our pitch of ease of deployment, flexibility, security, and the ability to be agile. Our pitch also depends on the stakeholder and their workforce, but having a remote workforce is a big issue for a lot of people.

What is the value of WVD for you?

The ability for my company to easily provide deployment services to anyone. As long as you are on the internet, I can manage you from anywhere. I am ready to open my territory to anywhere I can fly to in a day and back. There’s also the added advantage of being able to change consumption right away to optimize cost and capture higher margin.

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