Every year, Microsoft Dynamics Partner organizations need to make decisions about who to send to Convergence and what value those employees can get out of their trip. It’s not a light investment to send your whole team, covering airfare, hotels, registration, and expenses. And if you’re a sponsor and exhibitor, well then forget about it! ROI is important and here are five ways to convince the boss you have what it takes to gather value, make an impact, and return their investment in YOU:

  1. Review the Convergence 2015 Agenda in full detail, listing out what is most beneficial for you to attend and then make flight suggestions based on that information.
  2. Make a defined short list of booths you want to visit within the expo hall. When creating that list, keep in mind, what value could this interaction and relationship building bring to your company?
  3. Think outside the box. Are there other ways you could bring value to your company? Maybe it’s recording some customer testimonials while you’re wining and dining your clients? Maybe you could win the deFacto 5k, bringing your company some extra exposure? Although, I wouldn’t commit to that with your boss- too much pressure for a fun charity race!
  4. Get involved in the Community Outreach opportunities while in Atlanta. Find out more about how you can volunteer and get involved with projects throughout the week by accessing the Community Outreach web page.
  5. Find and research other learning opportunities that can add to your personal and professional development. The Partner Channel is hosting one of those opportunities that will definitely add value to your #CONV15 trip. Learn more about The Genius (Mini) Series: Follow That Lead and plan to join us Wednesday, March 18 from 8:30- 10:00am!

There’s no doubt about it, Convergence is always a fun time to meet up with old friends, make new ones, and gain motivation about what we do day in and day out, but there is a lot of opportunity to gain even more value while in Atlanta.

We hope these tips help you prepare for a successful trip and if you’re all about tips (like we are!), check out our Convergence Tip of the Week Festival, with new tips from other Partners published every Wednesday.

The Genius (Mini) Series: Follow That Lead!

By Bethany Foyt, Marketing and Communications Manager at The Partner Channel