Nine months of programming and networking came to a close when the first class of The Genius Series: Marketers Excel Into Geniuses, hung up their phones after the May 2016 call.

Summer has since flown by and we are already getting prepared for the next class of geniuses to begin in October. Spots are available for marketers in the Microsoft Dynamics Partner channel looking to excel in their marketing activities and grow in their professional role.

Before you apply, take a look at what last year’s class got out of the program…

In addition to the knowledge shared in this class, this group of marketers has built a camaraderie that will help them continue to share ideas and best practices on their marketing journeys. Read their marketing journeys at and make sure to listen in on a 30-minute roundtable discussion with these geniuses to hear what they got out of the program as well as how they continue the learning and networking cycle.

We hope you can participate in this year’s class of geniuses. Apply online and prepare to take your marketing and career to the next level!