A dynamic group of about twenty Microsoft Dynamics ISVs and VARs joined us for the first Genius (Mini) Series while at Convergence 2015 and have achieved genius status…hey, a coaster doesn’t lie!

On Wednesday morning, March 18th, in Atlanta, the ladies of The Partner Marketing Group kicked off the day by providing excellent tips for lead follow up as well as developing partner programs. Even though it was bright and early as well as mid-way through the hectic Convergence week, the attendees dove into a vibrant discussion around how they currently follow up with leads post-Convergence and how they manage Partner opportunities as well as develop and fine-tune Partner programs.

Learning from marketing experts and direct from their peers proved to be extremely useful to the group of attendees. But don’t take our word for it, check out a few attendee thoughts right after the event…

Nicole Helm of Rockton Software shared, “I like to hear what other ISVs are doing. It is really helpful for me from a marketing stand point.”

Amy McKinnon of Sky Blue Technology said, “Thanks to The Genius (Mini) Series session, I now have confidence to go back to the office and teach clients and partners how to optimize on the leads they have in their scanners from Convergence.”

Jim Kaltsas of Technology Management Concepts said, “A big take-away from today’s session was how ISVs and VARs can really work together on sales and marketing to reach a common goal.”

As part of the event, all attendees received a token of their genius status with the carving, “I’m a Genius” on a bamboo coaster. Different “tokens” like this will be given out at each Genius (Mini) Series session and the more items you have stating that you’re a genius, well the more your colleagues will get the hint…sooner rather than later. :)

Thanks again to all who joined us for this first session! We hope you plan to join us in Reno during the User Group Summit this October for another great Genius (Mini) Series session focused around the VAR and ISV relationship. Details will be announced on our website soon and if you’re interested in our year-long program to really fine-tune your marketing genius, check out The Genius Series Fact Sheet or contact me at Bethany@thepartnerchannel.com for more information.

By Bethany Foyt, Marketing and Communications Manager at The Partner Channel