The Partner Channel is taking a new approach to marketing training for Microsoft Dynamics Partners where students can learn direct from marketing experts each month in a virtual setting. Without taking time out of the office for travelling to another event, The Genius Series will be a valuable learning and networking platform for Partners to develop professional skills as well as create and strengthen community relationships all online.

The first session of The Genius Series: Marketers Excel into Geniuses starts this September and goes every month until May, 2016. We’ve based the schedule around what’s happening in the community along with hot topics for Partners. For example, our first month is around video preparation for User Group Summit, so Partners can get great testimonials from clients and actually use that collateral in their marketing. Over the course of nine months, we’ll cover all the important areas of marketing where you can use that information immediately at your organization.

For each class, we’ll have project assignments specific to your organization. So it’s work you’re already doing, but the class will be a driver and motivator. The work you do will be custom to where you’re at, and the tips and education you receive will help keep you on track, making you more confident in your role and ensuring you achieve more in your marketing efforts.

Students will participate in peer to peer reviews of each other’s work. This gives everyone a chance to bounce ideas off of each other as well as share best practices along the way. The team of students can essentially work as a sounding board. We’re limiting the size of this class so that it stays focused and students can receive the attention they deserve as well as get to know the other students well throughout the course of the year.

If you are interested in participating in The Genius Series for Marketers, please apply online by July 31, 2015. Let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at


By Bethany Foyt, Marketing & Communications Manager at The Partner Channel